Frequently asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about eInvoicing integration approach

How to set up environment to access test APIs and test portals?

Test environment of the solution (PreProd environments) depends on internally issued certificates. Therefore to be able to properly use either the Invoicing Portal or get to APIs that solution is exposing, first you need to configure trust of Root Certificate of the test environment in your own test and development environments (Note: do not install this certificate in your production environment).

URL/Environment PreProd Prod
Registration Portal
Invoicing Portal
System API
Identity Service
  1. To do the configuration, please download the root CA certificate file as per the environment below:
Environment Root CA certificate file
PreProd Root CA certificate file
  1. Download the file to your local machine that will be used to test the APIs and portal of eInvoicing, right-click and choose Install Certificate (Note: Admin rights on machine are needed) Choose Install Certificate

  2. Choose Local Machine Choose Local machine

  3. Select Trusted Root Certification Authorities store Choose Trusted Root Certification Authority Store

  4. Confirm the selection of store, press Next and then press Finish on final confirmation screen

Note! This instruction describes how to install the certificate on Windows 10 machine. If you are using older Windows or another operating system, please follow appropriate guidance from the vendor of the OS you have.

How to test our APIs via Postman?

For those that are using Postman to do quick tests and see how the APIs should be called both on identity service and actual document exchange, please use the Postman collection Egyptian eInvoicing SDK.postman_collection.json (use right-click Save As…) and use Postman as per the environment below (use right-click Save As…).

Environment Postman Env. File
PreProd EEI - PREPROD Env.postman_environment.json
Prod EEI - PRD Env.postman_environment.json

To install the environments file, follow these steps:

  1. On the top right hand corner, click on the gear icon named Manage Environments Choose Manage environments

  2. A popup named Manage Environments will show up and you need to click on the Import button, after clicking on the import button, select the right env. file named and click Ok Choose the File to Import

  3. A new environment named EEI - PreProd Env or EEI - Prod Env should be added to the drop down list on the top right corner, click again on the gear icon and click on the newly added environment named EEI - PreProd Env or EEI - Prod Env (Based on the environment you want to work on) Environment available

  4. Note: In case you faced in PostMan an error stating “SSL Error: Self signed certificate in certificate chain” similar to the image below, you need to click on the link “Disable SSL Verification” or you need to follow the step in point 5. Disable SSL Verification

  5. Go to PostMan settings from the top right corner Gear Icon, then turn off “SSL Certificate Verification” as shown in the image below. SSL Certificate Verification

Receipt Issuance FAQ

This section contains the frequently asked questions regarding issuance of receipts.